Due to adverse life events, traumatic experiences or changes psychic pain can become so intense that it exceeds the usual ability of a person to bear and deal with it. Excessive distress can sometimes lead someone to reach at a painful breaking point, but it is also possible to become a valuable learning experience and a motivator in order to built up more psychological resilience.

If you are experiencing difficulties with some of the following issues you are welcome to contact Resynthesis:         

  • Depression and grief
  • Difficulties related to adjustment and integration into a new culture
  • Excessive anxiety, panic and/or phobias
  • Traumatic experiences
  • (Recurrent) difficulties relating with others, e.g. dealing with or expressing emotions, setting boundaries.
  • Self-image and identity issues
  • Sexual orientation issues
  • Dilemmas related to stage of life or changes

Resynthesis does not provide psychological support in case you are dealing with addictions
or psychoses.